Hamas Demands $8m from Israel

Palestinian terror group Hamas challenged the Israeli government to transfer eight million dollars from the UN’s Qatari fund aid to Hamas members by Tuesday, October 19. 

Hamas said that the transaction should be made if it hopes to make peace with Gaza. The funds will be used to pay for the salaries of Hamas members.

Hamas ordered Israel to authorize more people to pass through Israel on their way to Jordan and also allow “family reunification” of 19,000 Palestinian Authority Arab families in Israel. 

Another demand from Hamas stressed that more Gazans should be allowed to study in Israeli universities and enter the Palestinian authority. 

Sources close to the terror group said that while an ample number of Gazans are permitted to work in Israel, Hamas wanted a few thousand more to be able to obtain employment in the country. 

Hamas said that they did not want to cause problems and only wanted to check up on the “ongoing stability” of Israel’s government.

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