Wolverhampton COVID Testing Suspended over Wrong Results

A private laboratory in Wolverhampton made a technical error informing about 43,000 people that they were COVID-negative, only to receive a positive result in a different testing method.

The United Kingdom Health Security Agency (UKHSA) released a statement saying they were halting tests done by the Immensa Health Clinic Ltd in Wolverhampton after thousands of people expressed concern about getting a positive result in a Lateral Flow Device (LFD) despite initially testing negative in a PCR test. 

Investigations are currently ongoing as per the NHS Test and Trace and urged those who are affected in the South West region to retake another COVID test. 

UKHSA Public Health Incident Director Dr. Will Welfare said that they are working with the NHS Test and Trace and the laboratory to inspect technical issues that resulted in faulty PCR results communicated to people, and have suspended operations while the investigations continue. 

Welfare added, “There is no evidence of any faults with LFD or PCR test kits themselves and the public should remain confident in using them and in other laboratory services currently provided.”

Welfare advised the public that if they tested positive on an LFD test, a follow up PCR test is recommended to confirm if they are COVID-positive, and should self isolate if symptoms persist.

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