Microsoft Shutting Down LinkedIn in China

Microsoft announced on Thursday that it would shut down its local version of LinkedIn in China as the country continues to expand its censorship of the internet.

The shutdown was due to “significantly more challenging operating environment and greater compliance requirements in China, CNBC reported.

LinkedIn said that while they were successful in helping Chinese members find jobs and economic opportunities, they did not have the same level of success in the more social aspects of sharing and staying informed even after seven years of operating in China.

However, LinkedIn said it would continue to have a strong presence in China, and would, later this year, launch its new InJobs app dedicated to applying for jobs but without the networking features.

LinkedIn’s shutting down was the end of the last major American social-media network operating openly in the country.

According to the Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn was one of the few bright spots Microsoft had in China, with more than 50 million users in the country.

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