Chinese Man Sentenced to Death for Killing Former Wife During Livestream

A Chinese court has sentenced a man to death on Oct. 14 for killing his former wife while she was livestreaming on a social media platform last year.

Tang Lu doused Lamu, a 30-year-old popular vlogger on China’s version of Tiktok, with petrol and set her alight, causing severe burns to 90% of her body. She died two weeks later.

The court of the Aba Tibetan and Qiang ethnic minority autonomous prefecture of southwestern Sichuan province said Tang’s crime was “extremely cruel and the social impact was extremely bad,” calling for “severe punishment” in accordance with the law.

Lamu, a mother of two, divorced Tang twice — the second time taking place in June 2020, about three months before the killing at her father’s home.

The court said Tang had a history of violence against her.

The case sparked nationwide debate on violence against women, calling for a stronger enforcement of a domestic violence law.

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