EU to Ban Arctic Oil Explorations

The European Commission published a proposal on Wednesday, October 13, that sought a ban on tapping new fuel accumulations in the Arctic to preserve a region directly conditioned by climate change.

The proposal indicated the European Union’s initiative to magnify its role internationally but had limited its impact in the Arctic.  

The organization will be responsible to ensure that oil, coal, and gas stay in the ground and recognize that the EU still transports fuel obtained from the Arctic region. 

The Commission also expressed its willingness to collaborate with partners aimed at a multinational responsibility to disallow the expansion or funding of hydrocarbon reserves. 

The Commission said, “Based on its values and principles, the EU will cooperate with all key partners and stakeholders in the Arctic and beyond, taking account of the shared responsibility to work for a safe, sustainable, prosperous and peaceful region. This is in the shared interest of the entire world.”

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