Germany Reports Migrant Influx, Poland Approves Border Wall

Poland has approved the construction of a border wall with Belarus due to the alleged weaponization of migrants orchestrated by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

“The draft, which will now be sent to the Sejm (the lower house), provides for building a high, solid barrier with a monitoring system and motion sensors,” said Polish interior minister Mariusz Kamiński.

Kamiński said a wall was necessary due to the growing number of migrant crossings and that the same strategy has worked in other countries.

Kamiński added that soldiers have already started work on a 2.5-meter barbed-wire border fence.

Germany too has also reported that more than 4,300 illegal crossings from Poland into their borders have occurred since August.

“The situation is not drastic, but it is hard. We are not seeing any efforts to halt this,” said Olaf Jansen, head of the Eisenhuettenstadt central foreigners’ office where most of the migrants end up.

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