EU Announces €1b Aid for Afghanistan

The European Union announced on Tuesday a one-billion-euro ($1.15bn) aid package for Afghanistan, “to avert a major humanitarian and socioeconomic collapse”, the bloc’s chief Ursula von der Leyen said.

“The socio-economic situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating, putting hundreds of thousands of Afghans at risk as winter approaches,” von der Leyen added.

The announcement came after the discussion of the EU Ministers for development to have a calibrated approach to give direct support to the Afghan population in order to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe without legitimizing the Taliban interim government.

“We must do all we can to avert a major humanitarian and socio-economic collapse in Afghanistan. We need to do it fast. We have been clear about our conditions for any engagement with the Afghan authorities, including on the respect of human rights. So far, the reports speak for themselves. But the Afghan people should not pay the price of the Taliban’s actions. This is why the Afghan support package is for the Afghan people and the country´s neighbors who have been the first in providing them with help,” Leyen said.

The Afghan support package combined EU humanitarian aid with targeted support on basic needs in direct benefit of the Afghan people and neighboring countries.

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