Samsung Leader Jay Y. Lee Guilty of Illegal Sedative Use

Samsung group’s de-facto chief Jay Y. Lee pleaded guilty in court to the illegal use of Propofol, an anesthetic sedative. 

The instance is another legal hurdle faced by the multi-billionaire following his bribery conviction in August. 

In his first hearing at the Seoul Central District Court, Lee admitted the use of propofol at a plastic surgery clinic in Seoul for 41 times from 2015 to 2020. Prosecutors indicated that its use as part of a skin treatment was just a front for the illegitimate treatment.

He disclosed that he has not used the drug since his release on parole in August. 

The staff who illegally administered the substance illegally were also tried separately, as they are also subject for prosecution under South Korean Law.

A summary indictment, where less serious cases don’t proceed to court, was initially proposed by local prosecutors with a fine of 50 million won. The court ordered a trial instead with a higher fine of 70 million won and an additional fee of 17 million won. 

The case’s verdict will be determined on October 26. 

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