Pro-EU Polish Citizens Hold Mass Protests

Poles supportive of the European Union held demonstrations across the country after the Poland Constitutional Tribunal ruled that EU legislations clashed with the Polish administration. 

Protests arose in almost 100 towns where thousands of people gathered in Warsaw holding up signs that said, “We are Europeans!” and “We are staying!” 

Polish opposition leader Donald Tusk organized the protests to safeguard the country’s membership in the European Union, saying that what he and the protesters wanted was “an independent, law-abiding, democratic, and fair Poland.”

The court denounced the EU’s core principle stating it has supremacy over national laws, which alarmed supporters that the country could depart the union. 

The Polish government said that boycotting the union is not a part of its plans. Poland Prime Minister Mateysz Morawiecki called “Polexit” a myth and said the opposition misconstrued the country’s liabilities in Europe. He added, “This is a place of mutual benefits, but also real challenges for all countries in the Union; challenges to solve which Poland must face as an entity.”

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