Czech President Milos Zeman Hospitalized in Intensive Care After Parliamentary Election

Czech President Milos Zeman has been taken into intensive care at a hospital in Prague on Oct. 10 after the parliamentary elections.

Zeman’s spokesperson Jiří Ovčáček said on Twitter that the president agreed to be hospitalized at the Central Military Hospital based on the recommendation of his attending physician Miroslav Zavoral.

Zavoral, who is also the hospital director, told reporters that Zeman was hospitalized due to “complications that accompany his chronic disease,” but did not provide the exact diagnosis.

Zeman, 77, suffers from diabetes, uses a wheelchair, and is known to be a heavy drinker and smoker.

Ovčáček requested the media and other politicians for “a sensitive approach” regarding Zeman’s hospitalization, adding that he needed “peace for treatment.”

Czech media outlets published footage showing Zeman being wheeled into the hospital, looking unconscious and with staff holding up his head.

Zeman’s Chancellor Vratislav Mynář told newspaper Blesk that the president “fell asleep during the transport. It is not about anything else.”

Zeman’s hospitalization came at a pivotal moment as he plays a crucial role in appointing the next prime minister after the election.

Shortly before his hospitalization, Zeman met with populist Prime Minister Andrej Babis, following the parliamentary elections in which the opposition won.

Babis and his Action for Dissatisfied Citizens (ANO) party had sought a re-election on Oct. 9 after four years in power, but lost to the center-right Spolu alliance.

Spolu won 27.8% of the vote while ANO while 27.1%.

The two blocs won a total of 108 seats in the 200-member chamber if deputies.

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