China Floods Displace Almost 2 Million in Shanxi

Chinese local media reported that more than 1.76 million people have been displaced in Shanxi province due to severe flooding in the area brought by torrential rain. 

Chinese officials informed local media that the heavy rains caused five deaths, landslides, the collapse of 17,000 buildings, 2,849,600 crops affected, and 120,100 people being evacuated from their homes. 

Shanxi officials added that the heavy rains caused delays to rescue operations, but continued the efforts in setting up resettlement sites for those affected by the storm. Officials executed safety measures in each town and cleared out people from dangerous areas. 

Emergency management departments provided 3,975 tents, 3,212 folding beds, 3,000 sets of cotton underwear, 16,306 cotton coats, 10,932 quilts, 8,600 cotton mattresses, and other forms of sustenance to those who were affected. 

The Chinese National Reduction Network said that the Meteorological department forecasted continuous heavy rains brought by Typhoon “Compass” in the East China Coast, South China Coast, Hainan Island, and other areas. It added that the regions must stay vigilant and prepared for any emergencies that may occur. 

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