WHO Sending COVID-19 Medical Supplies to North Korea

The World Health Organization (WHO) has started shipping much-needed COVID-19 medical supplies into North Korea, a country that has not declared any COVID-19 infections.

Edwin Salvador, WHO’s representative to North Korea, said that supplies such as emergency health kits and medicine have reached the North Korean port of Nampo after getting stuck in Dalian.

“Consequently, we have been able to transport some of our items by ship to Nampo … (including) emergency health kits, medicines, and medical supplies that would support essential health services at primary health care centers. We are informed that WHO items along with supplies sent by other U.N. agencies are currently still under quarantine at the seaport,” said Salvador. 

North Korea has closed off its borders since the start of the pandemic and refused any aid while it also told WHO all 40,700 people it tested for COVID came up negative last month. 

There have been no vaccines shipped to North Korea so far and has turned down all offers even from Russia. 

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