Nestle Discloses UK Supply Chain Problems

The supply chain crisis in Britain has hit dairy product manufacturer Nestle, with the company admitting that it is struggling to stock UK shelves ahead of Christmas.

Mark Schneider, CEO of Nestle, said that the company is “working hard” to stock supermarkets with boxes of Quality Street chocolates — a British favorite during the holidays now produced by Nestle.

“Like other businesses, we are seeing some labor shortages and some transportation issues but it’s our UK team’s top priority to work constructively with retailers to supply them,” Schneider said.

Meanwhile, Quality Street’s Twitter page wrote on Oct. 7 that “there will be plenty to go around this Christmas,” reassuring that 12 million Quality Street products are being produced every day.

Several businesses in the UK have been hit by the country’s shortage of Heavy Goods Vehicle drivers and mobility limitations caused by COVID-19 protocols, with some establishments completely shutting down from the lack of supplies being delivered.

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