UK Supermarkets Run Out of Pasta due to Poor Wheat Harvest

British supermarkets have run out of pasta after extreme weather caused a disastrous wheat harvest last summer, and experts warn that the shortage could be a long-term problem.

Prices of durum wheat from Canada, one of its largest producers, shot up by about 90 percent from last year after Canadian crops were wiped out by extreme heat while European farms are experiencing excessive floods.

According to the commodities data group Mintec, the poor quality of crops recently harvested from North America could cause a lack of durum wheat for both local and global markets.

Durum wheat, ground into semolina, is the key ingredient to making pasta.

“This is a dire situation hitting all semolina producers and all buyers of durum wheat across the globe. Companies are buying at record high prices,” said Jason Bull, director of importer Eurostar Commodities.

Shoppers have complained of empty pasta shelves in British supermarkets including Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

With supermarkets in the U.K. running out of pasta, customers may have to pay 50 percent more for the Italian staple soon.

The pasta shortage was also made worse by the U.K.’s transport crisis where the country is lacking both delivery drivers and fuel.

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