French Trade Unions Call for a General Strike on Monday

French trade unions organized a general strike on Monday, October 4, which aimed to approach socialist economic matters as the issue intensified in light of the upcoming presidential elections in April 2022.

General Confederation of Labor (CGT) head Philippe Martinez said that the trade union insisted on obtaining “urgent answers” to their questions, specifically perceived low wages. 

Martinez said that the demonstrations held by striking workers were effective, and he hoped during French political discourses that “socio-economic issues are even more central than they already are” as the elections drew close. 

The union said that 200 protests happened across the country, with a turnout of almost 25,000 people. Authorities estimated 3,500 people in Marseille and about 2,000 in Lyon, but have yet to confirm the official figures. 

The CGT was among the four groups who called the strike, which included the Workers’ Force (FO), Fédération Syndicale Unitaire (FSU), and Solidaires groups. The unions were accompanied by youth associations Fidl, Unef, UNL and MNL.

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