Canadian Study Reveals Delta Lethality Higher than Original COVID

A new Canadian study discovered that the COVID-19’s delta strain is more serious and resulted in an increased risk of death compared to previous variants, odds that are significantly decreased with immunization.

University of Toronto researchers published the study on Tuesday, October 5, which revealed that more than 212,000 COVID cases have been detected in Ontario from February 27 to June 27.

The study showed that delta cases caused a 108 percent rise in hospitalization, 235 percent increase in ICU admission, and a 133 percent surge in death compared to other variants. 

The research found the same results from previous studies published across the world, but co-author and epidemiology professor David Fisman said that the study is the first extensive analysis that encompasses Canadian data.

Fisman said that since the delta strain has been proven to be more dangerous, those who are unimmunized potentially endanger people around them. The study findings can help urge unvaccinated people to get jabbed, as its efficacy exhibited a decrease in severe symptoms and death. 

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