Hacktivists Continue to Deface Chinese Websites with Taiwanese Flags and Anti-CCP Imagery

Anonymous, a decentralized international hacktivist collective, broke into a Chinese government tourism promotion website and uploaded Taiwan’s national song, flag, and pro-Taiwan independence banner.

On Thursday, Reddit user “Allez-opi omi,” who in July revealed a prior Anonymous breach on an official Chinese website, shared links to ten pages the organization constructed on the China Cultural Center’s website. 

“Anonymous hacking gang inserts Taiwanese national anthem into a Chinese official tourism marketing website!” said the headline of the social media post.

The link shows the Anonymous logo, a black suit, a question mark, Taiwan’s national anthem, the Taiwanese flag, a pro-independence flag, a December 2017 meme showing Chinese CCP Chairman Xi Jinping forced on an Apple executive introducing the COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the group has released the second installment of its defacement of a Chinese government tourism promotion website on Friday midnight, which includes the Taiwanese national emblem, “Tank Man,” and Winnie the Pooh.

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