EU ATM Bomber Kills Himself While Making Video Tutorial

Europol reported on Thursday that police in the Netherlands and Germany caught a criminal gang that provided video tutorials on how to bomb cash machines, only to blow themselves up in the process.

According to Europol officials, one suspect was slain. An accomplice was seriously injured at an illegal “training camp” in the Netherlands when a trial run went wrong for explosives attacks on ATMs.

During an 18-month operation targeting the group, police made nine arrests. The gang is linked to at least 15 ATM attacks across Germany, resulting in losses of €2.15 million.

“The criminals were making video tutorials which were given in-person to other criminals,” a Europol spokeswoman said.

“The main suspect, a 29-year-old, blew himself up when filming a tutorial video. His accomplice, a 24-year-old, was seriously injured and taken into custody,” a spokesperson added.

Europe said that two men were blown up “during one of the test runs of an explosion.”

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