Almost Half of UK Independent Gas Stations Without Fuel

Motorists bought fuel out of panic on Thursday, September 30, as independently-owned gas stations in the United Kingdom run out of fuel supply.

The Petrol Retailers Association said that the chief secretary to the Treasury, Simon Clarke, insisted that fuel supply is “back under control”, but gas consumers clamored for supplies to be restocked.

The Petrol Retailers Association (PRA), an organization representing 65 percent of the country’s 8,380 forecourts, said that 27 percent of its members reported that there is scarcity in fuel; 21 percent said that they only had one type of gas in stock, and 52 percent said they had adequate supplies; a week after they first ran out of gas supplies. 

PRA Chairman Brian Madderson said, “This is running out quicker than usual due to unprecedented demand.” He also said that due to fuel scarcity, he was hearing physical and verbal abuse from some gas station staff. 

Madderson added that he relied on soldiers to drive heavy goods vehicles by the weekend. 

Sources from fuel manufacturing companies have instructed soldiers regarding specific requirements on distributing fuel stocks to forecourts. They have been on stand-by due to the persistent lack of HGV drivers, which decreased traffic volume to 6 percent. 

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