Nigerian Airforce Kills Several Civilians During Counter Insurgency Airstrikes

The Nigerian Air Force reportedly shot and killed dozens of villagers in the northeast part of the state, as the country pursues a 12-year war against Islamist rebellions. 

The deaths came two months after the U.S. government deployed six A-29 Super Tucano fighter planes to Nigeria to go against the Islamist rebels, which was heavily denounced by critics, saying that the country had a history of killing civilians. 

Husaini, a witness who agreed to testify by being identified only by his first name, told Reuters that two air crafts blasted a fish market in Daban Masara, and the bombing caused his legs to be wounded on the scene. He added that 50 people were instantly killed. 

A source who asked to be left anonymous said that people continued to fish despite a military ban because of reports circulating that the fish sales financially support the Islamic State West Africa Province group. The source added that they saw at least 60 corpses after the bombing. 

“They are innocent people like us that depend on fishing to sustain their living. Their mistake is that they were fishing in an area restricted by security forces,” said the source. 

The Nigerian air force was unresponsive to repeated requests for comment. 

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