Homes and Factories Severely Affected by China Blackouts

Chinese households and factories have been severely affected by blackouts and power rationing as China struggles with crippling energy shortages.

The state-run Global Times reported on Sep. 28 that “unexpected and unprecedented” electricity cuts during peak usage hours have caused outages in northeastern provinces Jilin, Liaoning and Heilongjiang.

Residents from northeastern provinces complained that the outages lasted three days, shutting down traffic lights and mobile phone coverage, according to the tabloid.

A Jilin power supplier also issued a notice warning that the power outages could disrupt water supply.

The Global Times added that “dozens of other provinces” including China’s manufacturing hubs Jiangsu and Guangdong have been hit by blackouts, where suppliers of international companies such as Apple and Tesla were affected.

While blackouts are not unusual to China, recent power shortages raised concerns over electricity suppliers and industrial hubs either reducing production or shutting down completely.

With China’s coal prices soaring while electricity prices remain capped, power stations operate at a loss with higher demand for winter heating and factories need more power to meet the increasing global demand for Chinese goods.

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