Russia Threatens Youtube

Russia threatened to block YouTube for deleting the German-language channels of state broadcaster RT.

YouTube claimed it has already warned  RT for violating its COVID-19 disinformation guidelines and was forced to close RT channels for breaching user terms.

Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor said that it had already sent a letter of demand to YouTube then threatened to restrict access.

The Kremlin also blamed the German government for the closure of the RT DE and Der Fehlende channels but could not produce any evidence. 

German cabinet spokesman Steffen Seibert has already denied that the government was not involved in the removal of the RT channels.

“This measure is YouTube’s own decision. We noted this decision. I have nothing else to say,” said Seibert.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry added they are already “considering “a proposal to develop and take retaliatory measures against the YouTube hosting service and the German media.”

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