Pro-Abortion Protests Across South America

Women across Latin America protested en masse to legalize abortion, which is massively barred in the region and has lead to women serving time in jail due to authoritarian regulations. 

The protesters held up banners that said “Legal Abortion Now” and “Right to Decide” and marched on various streets in El Salvador, Chile, Peru, Mexico, and Colombia. The women also wore green scarves which symbolized international efforts to legally ratify abortion.

Women’s rights advocates said that in El Salvador, women who wanted to undergo abortion can serve up to eight years in jail for “aggravated homicide”, for it is a state that banned all abortion instances. Seventeen women are presently detained for seeking the procedure. 

In Mexico City, dozens of women demonstrated for the cause on Tuesday as well. Their banners read: “Abortion is not legal, rape is,” and some of the activists yelled, “Let the sexists tremble, Latin America will be feminist!” The rallies transpired after a ruling from the supreme court proclaiming that abortion is not a crime.

Authorities have been distributed in protest areas which resulted in a dispute between them and the women. 

Uruguay, Cuba, Argentina, and Guyana are the only Latin American states that legalized abortion, as well as Mexico City, Vera Cruz, Hidalgo, and Oaxaca.

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