CIA Forced to Evacuate Official From Serbia that was Targeted by Havana Syndrome

U.S. officials said that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) evacuated an intelligence officer based in Serbia who was seriously injured due to the Havana Syndrome.

The incident happened in Balkan within recent weeks and continues a concerning rise in attacks, which has not been reported before. Former and incumbent U.S. officials said that more suspected attacks transpired outside of the country, along with those reported in India and Vietnam a couple of weeks back. 

Havana syndrome symptoms include dizziness, memory loss, pain, nausea, disorientation, and other health issues. The authorities said that persistent attacks have bothered the U.S. government and exhausted the efforts of the State Department and Central Intelligence Agency, and have also caused diplomats to refuse overseas postings for themselves and their families.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin advised that officials who suspect that they have contracted the disease must “Immediately remove yourself, coworkers, and/or family members from the area and report it,” which was stated in a memo that the New York Times reported.

Austin added, “This is a serious issue. It’s real, it’s affecting our officers, it’s affecting others around their community and in government.”

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