Belarus Security Forces Shoot and Kill IT Worker during raid on Apartment

Belarusian authorities have killed a man and arrested his wife during an apartment block raid in Minsk on Tuesday, September 28.

Reuters reported that Belarusian state media claimed the man also shot at the security officials, one of whom also died at the scene. A statement from the Investigative Committee of Belarus said that the resident from Minsk denied entrance to his apartment and locked it from inside as he was filming.

An exiled Belarusian opposition leader’s senior adviser, Franak Viačorka, said that the man was an IT worker in EPAM Systems, a software company based in the United States, and has supported the democracy cause in Belarus.

Viačorka said in a tweet, “I have only one comment: violence must stop! The regime hopes that violence can split society and threaten opponents. But violence cannot be the solution to the crisis. Enough victims. The rule of law must return to the country.”

The U.S. embassy and EPAM systems have yet to respond for comment.

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