KZRV Recalls RVs with Winntec Propane Regulators Due to Potential Fire Hazard

KZRV recalled 34,345 model year 2018-2022 recreational vehicles with Winntec model 6020 two-stage propane regulators due to potential safety risk.

The recall includes the following:

  • Camplite,
  • Confluence,
  • Connect,
  • Connect SE,
  • Connect Lite,
  • Durango,
  • Durango Gold,
  • Durango Half Ton,
  • Durango Sport,
  • Durango 1500,
  • Quicksilver,
  • Sonic,
  • Sonic X,
  • Sportsmen,
  • Sportsmen FW,
  • Sportsmen LE,
  • Sportsmen SE,
  • Sportsmen Sportster,
  • Sportster,
  • SportTrek,
  • SportTrek Touring,
  • Spree,
  • Stratus,
  • Venom, and
  • Venom V Series.

The regulator may fail, causing an increase in propane pressure.

Increased propane pressure can enlarge the flames in gas appliances, increasing the risk of a fire.

Dealers will replace the regulator and pigtail hoses, free of charge.

Owner notification letters are expected to be mailed October 26, 2021.

There have been no reported incidents or injuries to date.

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