Japan to Ease State of Emergency Nationwide

The Japanese government announced on Tuesday that the coronavirus state of emergency in Tokyo and 18 other prefectures is set to end on September 30 as it aims to reactivate the economy amid the slowing infection rate in the country.

According to Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, the government is preparing to gradually lift all restrictions so that the residents will be able to “resume daily lives despite the presence of the virus.”

“The number of new coronavirus cases and patients with severe symptoms have dramatically declined,” Suga said during a meeting with the members of his Cabinet.

The decision will make it the first time for Japan to be free from emergency requirements since early April. 

Suga, who is expected to step down from his post on Thursday, said the government officials are currently focused on “securing the health care system, implementing thorough infection-prevention measures and accelerating vaccination.”

Authorities are also working to institute other plans like the issuance of vaccine passports and requiring virus tests.

“We will enhance social response to the spread of infections through vaccinations and health care system enhancement among other steps and work on balancing antivirus measures and restoring normal lives,” Suga said.

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