Taliban Publicly Hangs Bodies of Alleged Kidnappers as Warning in City of Herat

The Taliban publicly hung up the bodies of four alleged kidnappers in the heart of the western Afghan city of Herat as a warning to others, local government officials said.

Herat Deputy Governor Mulwi Shir Ahmad Ammar said that the four men kidnapped a local trader and his son on Sept. 25 morning and were shot dead during an exchange of gunfire, according to NBC News.

Ammar added that the bodies were displayed “to be a life lesson for other kidnappers.”

According to British newspaper The Guardian, a note on the chest of the bodies read: “Whoever kidnaps others will end up like this.”

Video of the bloody corpses hanging from a crane in broad daylight has been widely circulated on social media and by news outlets.

A senior Taliban commander who spoke on the condition of anonymity to NBC News said that public execution was “the only solution” to deal with crimes, particularly kidnapping and murder.

The public hangings came a day after a senior Taliban official announced that extreme punishments, such as executions and the amputation of hands, would resume for convicted criminals.

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