Russian Communist Party Holds Mass Protest over Alleged Electoral Fraud

Over a thousand Russians, including prominent Communist Party members, gathered in Moscow’s central square on Saturday to protest what critics of the Kremlin claim rampant vote fraud while police detained several demonstrators.

Protestors gathered in Pushkin Square, denouncing the “rigged election.”

The demonstrators screamed, “Putin is a thief!” called for the release of political prisoners.

According to OVD-Info, which tracks arrests at opposition gatherings, authorities detained several activists before and during the protest, including Sergei Udaltsov, the radical socialist group Left Front leader.

Authorities increased police presence in the area, but officers did not attempt to disperse the rally. Rather than that, they played loud music to drown out the speakers.

President Vladimir Putin’s critics have accused the authorities of fraud following the results of last month’s legislative elections, which showed the very unpopular ruling United Russia party securing a landslide majority in parliament.

Several demonstrators held posters calling for a recount, while others showed their support for Navalny.

“Not only members of the Communist Party are here,” Deniza Lisova, 26, said.

“Everyone is here, and we all supported the Communist Party during the election.”

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