Kim Yo Jong Hints at Inter Korean Summit

Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un hinted that an inter-Korean summit and a possible end-of-war proclamation can be established in the country’s region if South Korea meets the North’s demands for mutual respect. 

Kim’s statement said that the South Korean public’s intention to regain peaceful diplomatic relations with the North is tempting, as they too have the same goal for the region. 

Kim stressed that if South Korea’s desire to recover inter-Korean relations is sincere, then the country should think twice before making statements and reiterated that they will never condone double standards. 

“Only by maintaining fairness and respect for each other can the two Koreas resolve other relational problems like declaring the end-of-war at the proper time, re-establishing North and South liaison office, and arranging inter-Korean summits between the two leaders through constructive discussions,” Kim added. 

South Korean President Moon Jae-in formally proposed to fully end the decades-long Korean war in last week’s United Nations Assembly and coaxed the United States and China to support the move. 

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