Italy Rules Out Recognizing Taliban as Afghan Government

Italian Foreign Affairs Minister Luigi Di Maio said that the Taliban administration in Afghanistan should not be acknowledged, but called for foreign governments to financially support the country to avoid an influx of migrants.

Di Maio told state media Rai 3 that it was impossible to recognize the Taliban government because 17 terrorists are seated as ministers, and that the militant group had continuously violated the human rights of girls and women. 

However, Di Maio said that renouncing the Taliban rule did not mean that its people should not receive financial help, which was frozen since the group took over the country last month. 

Di Maio added that other countries should help manage Afghanistan’s economic system to control an ingress of migrants that could befall neighboring countries. 

“There are ways to guarantee financial support without giving money to the Taliban. We have also agreed that a part of humanitarian aid must always go to the protection of women and girls,” said Di Maio.

Italy convenes the annual rotating presidency of the G20 and is supposed to hold a special summit regarding Afghanistan. Di Maio said that the meeting will be set for the G20 leaders “in the coming weeks” and it will be headed by Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

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