Chileans Protest Against Venezuelan Migrants

Thousands of Chileans have protested in the northern Chilean port city of Iquique on Saturday, demanding the presence of undocumented Venezuelans.

About 3,000 demonstrators scuffled with migrants while a radical fringe set fire to personal possessions in an abandoned immigration camp.

Protesters marched through the streets, yelling “no more illegal immigration” and singing both the local and national anthems, warning that “Chile is a republic that will be respected.”

Protesters marched around 10 blocks from Iquique’s old town to the Pacific Ocean, where hotels and residences line the coastline.

Police intervened to break up a series of minor altercations allegedly sparked by Chileans attacking Venezuelan migrants living on the street. 

The demonstration took place a day after police removed a migrant camp in the town square for a year. 

The majority of migrants, who are destitute and undocumented, are stranded in the city.

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