Serbia Raises Security and Increases Troops Along Border with Kosovo

Serbia has added more troops and raised the alert level on its border with Kosovo due to increased tensions the past few days.

Ethnic Serbs in Kosovo have reportedly blocked the border for four days in protest of Kosovo’s decision to start removing Serbian license plates from cars entering the country.

Kosovo has also started deploying troops to border checkpoints in response to the new policy but maintained that there should be diplomatic negotiations instead of conflict. 

Serbian media claimed that three Serb protesters have been severely beaten by Kosovo policemen but was denied by Pris 

“Neither our state nor citizens nor Kosovar Serbs or Serbia are interested in incidents and escalation,” said Kosovar Prime Minister Albin Kurti.

Serbian Defense Minister Nebojsa Sefanovicsaid Serbia is ready to protect its citizens and is not provoking any form of violence. 

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