Quebec’s Premier to Introduce Ban on Anti-Vaccination Protests in front of Schools and Hospitals

Quebec’s government has been planning to file a bill banning anti-vaccine protests near schools and hospitals.

Quebec Premier François Legault said that his “patience had reached its limit” due to the protests.

At least five protests have occurred outside Montreal elementary and secondary schools since classes resumed last month. There were also protests outside the hospital.

Legault said that it is essential that the children will have peace.

“It’s important to leave our children and our patients in peace,” Legault told reporters.

According to Legault, the bill he wants to introduce would include fines for people who “are going to hold anti-vaccine protests” close to schools and hospitals.

“It doesn’t make sense to have anti-vaccine protests in front of places that are for our children or our patients,” Legault said.

Meanwhile, the Quebec Liberal party supports the ban on anti-vaccine protests.

“Today, I have one message to anti-vaxxers: leave our children alone,” Liberal Leader Dominique Anglade told reporters.

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