France Ambassador to Return to US After Macron-Biden Call

The U.S. and French government restored peace on Wednesday, September 22, after France agreed to send back its envoy to Washington.

The presidents of both countries spoke by telephone for 30 minutes, where the White House attempted to make peace by acknowledging its mistake in bargaining with Australia to purchase U.S. and British nuclear-powered submarines instead of France’s. 

U.S. President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron said in a joint statement that they agreed to extensively engage with each other to re-establish trust and to meet in Europe by the end of October to discuss shared understandings in certain issues. 

Biden said that Washington was determined to “support counter-terrorism operations in the Sahel conducted by European states”, which implied the U.S. continuous logistical assistance rather than distributing its armed forces. 

The statement also said President Biden attests that the French and European agreement in the Indo-Pacific region is strategically essential, which paves the way for stronger defense and contributes well to the global security of the region. 

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