Algeria Closes Air Borders to Moroccan Planes Amid Tensions

The Algerian presidency and the country’s supreme security council decided to bar its airspace from civil and military aircraft from Morocco after a month of cutting diplomatic ties with the country.

The council also said that the airspace closure covers any aircraft with a Moroccan registration number. 

Morocco’s official air carrier, Royal Air Maroc, had a source who said that the closure would only touch 15 flights weekly which connect Morocco with Tunisia, Turkey, and Egypt. The source added that flights could be rerouted to the Mediterranean, which makes the move insubstantial.

The Algerian press said that the council’s decision came “In view of the continued provocations and hostile practices on the Moroccan side”.

Algeria discontinued its diplomatic relations with Morocco due to “hostile actions” from the Kingdom, indicating the two country’s dispute over Western Sahara.

Morocco did not issue an official response regarding the matter.

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