Melbourne Construction Sites Shut Down after Violent After Anti-Vaccination Protests

The Victorian government has closed its construction sites in metropolitan Melbourne after the violent protests happened on Monday.

All construction sites in metropolitan Melbourne and the local government areas such as Ballarat, City of Geelong, Mitchell Shire, and Surf Coast Shire have been closed at 11:59 pm on Monday.

The Monday demonstration was against a demand that employees show proof of receiving a vaccination dose to enter their workplace. 

After construction workers and other demonstrators rallied, officials announced that specific sites would be closed for two weeks. 

According to the police, properties were damaged, and numerous persons were arrested.

During the protests, hundreds of anti-vaccination protesters gathered in Melbourne on Tuesday, firing off fireworks and allegedly hurling urine at reporters.

Tim Pallas, the Minister for Industrial Relations, said the action was prompted by bad behavior in some parts of the sector.

“We’ve been clear: if you don’t follow the rules, we won’t hesitate to take action. We have seen widespread non-compliance across the industry, and that’s why we’re taking necessary steps to protect every single Victorian,” Pallas said.

“We put the industry on notice just a week ago, we have seen appalling behavior on-site and on our streets, and now we’re acting decisively and without hesitation,” Pallas added.

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