WHO Suspends Approval Process for Sputnik V

The World Health Organization (WHO) has placed the Sputnik V COVID vaccine from Russia on hold for approval, saying that the manufacturing process of the jab had not met the needed standards.

WHO Regional Assistant Director Jarbas Barbosa said that it was “found that this(Sputnik’s) plant was not in agreement with the new best practices of manufacturing.”

“While inspecting one of the plants where the vaccine is manufactured, they found that this plant was not in agreement with the new best practices of manufacturing,” he said.

“The producer [of the vaccine] needs to take this into account and make the necessary changes and be ready for a new inspection,” Barbosa said.

Barbosa said that WHO is also waiting for the manufacturer to send news that the plant is up to standard.

The WHO earlier expressed worries about cross-contamination and inadequacy during examining the Sputnik V production factory in Ufa. 

In June, Pharmstandard, the business that manages the plant, stated in a statement that the WHO interim inspection “found no major concerns.”

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