Poland to Pay $580,000 Per Day for Refusal to Shut Down Coal Mine

European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that Poland will have to pay Brussels €500,000-a-day for not shutting down the Turow coal mine on the Polish-Czech border.

Following a complaint filed by the Czech Republic, the European Commission ordered Poland to halt operations at the Turów lignite mine in May. Poland has so far disobeyed the decision, and the Polish government indicated Monday that it would continue to do so, despite the ECJ verdict.

The Czech Republic filed a lawsuit after receiving allegations that the mine is posing cross-border environmental risks, particularly air and water quality.

The Polish government stands firm that the Turow mine will continue its operation.

“The Polish government will not close the KWB Turów mine. From the very beginning, we were of the opinion that the suspension of the works of the mine in Turów would threaten the stability of the Polish power system,” Polish government spokesperson Piotr Mueller said.

Poland’s government said that the fine mentioned by the Court of Justice of the European Union is “disproportionate to the situation and is not justified by facts.”

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