Myanmar Rebels Carry Out Bomb Attack Near Yangon

The military and media said that anti-junta dissidents in Myanmar carried out a bomb attack on security personnel in Yangon, with several people dead in the ensuing gunfire.

Although the majority of conflicts have been recorded in rural regions, many townships around Myanmar have created so-called “people defense forces” to fight back against the junta.

According to a statement of junta, security troops were traveling through Khayan, a Yangon suburb, when they were attacked with a homemade explosives on Friday.

“Both groups fired back and forth — a member of the security forces was injured,” the statement said.

“Some terrorists were… (killed), one of them was wounded.”

Meanwhile, local media reported that at least two dissidents were killed and one arrested.

Since the military deposed Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected administration in February, the Southeast Asian country has been in chaos, provoking large pro-democracy protests and a brutal military crackdown.

Earlier this month, a “National Unity Government” led by MPs from Suu Kyi’s defunct party called for a “people’s defensive war” and asked citizens to target military assets.

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