Utility Bills Surge Across EU; Causes Alarm for Incoming Winter

Surging bills alarm residents in Europe, saying it would add a burden to those who have taken a financial hit from the coronavirus pandemic.

Some residents have already seen an increase in their electricity bills.

Nieves Leal is concerned by the news of record-high wholesale prices and the political debate surrounding them, as typical costs have already increased by 35 percent in the last year.

According to Leal, who lives in a working-class area in Madrid, she has already seen her electricity cost grow from 90-100 euros ($106-118) every two months two years ago to 158 euros ($187) in June most recent invoice. 

“It’s shameful, but I have no other choice,” she said

“Even if I made twice what I make, I don’t think any family can afford these abusive prices,” Leal added.

Governments are rushing to find ways to keep costs down for customers as the continent’s depleted natural gas reserves create yet another potential issue, exposing the continent to more price hikes and possible shortages in the winter.

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