Somali President Remo PM’s Powers

Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed said that he has withdrawn the prime minister’s power to hire and file officials on Thursday, September 16.

Mohamed’s statement enumerated ways in which Prime Minister Mohammed Hussein Roble violated the constitution, such as being uncooperative with the president by single-handedly deciding on constitutional matters. This made Roble unqualified to resume his executive duties such as appointing officials, and declared that the suspension would continue until the state elections finish later this year. 

Roble refused to heed the president’s unlawful move and released a statement saying that Mohamed twisted the regulations to rationalize meddling with the prime minister’s powers. 

Roble said, “The prime minister reminds the president to preserve the principles of the constitution of the separation of powers of the government’s institutions.”

Mohamed and Roble had a rift in April when the president extended his own term by two years, which was settled when Mohamed appointed Roble to head security and regulate delayed legislative and presidential elections.

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