Haiti’s Prime Minister Addresses Evidence in Moise Assassination

Haiti’s prime minister addressed the evidence against him in Moise’s assassination, in his first public statement on Thursday.

Former Port-au-Prince chief prosecutor Bed-Ford Claude invited Prime Minister Ariel Henry to meet with him to talk about two calls between him and Joseph Badio that happened hours after Moïse was killed.

Claude said there is evidence that Badio was in the vicinity of Moïse’s home when the calls were made. 

Henry denied the allegations and fired the prosecutor. 

However, a few hours before Claude was fired, he asked the judge to charge the prime minister.

In his release, Henry said he received countless calls from people concerned for his safety following the assassination.

“After an act of such gravity, many people naturally wanted to inquire about his situation,” the statement read. 

Several judicial officials working on the investigation into Moise’s slaying disappeared after saying they received death threats, while the original judge assigned to the case recused himself.

Previously, Moïse had selected Henry as prime minister shortly before he was killed, and he assumed the position a couple of weeks after the assassination.

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