Egypt to Open Biggest Prison

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi announced plans to open the country’s largest prison within weeks despite the public’s clamor to liberate thousands of political prisoners. 

Sisi said in a local TV channel interview that he will be launching a “full American-style” detention center which will let prisoners serve their sentence “in a humane way”. Detainees will be able to move around and receive healthcare, sustenance, humanitarian, and reformatory care.

Sisi added that the prisons will accommodate judiciary officials so that prisoners won’t need to be transported around the country for litigation.

Geneva’s Committee for Justice director Ahmed Mefreh contended Sisi’s views and insisted that prisons in the country need to be more benevolent in their treatment of detainees. Medical negligence, mistreatment, and torture led to the rise of almost 1,100 prisoner deaths in Egypt so far.

The new prison project makes it Egypt’s 79th with more than a third built under Sisi’s leadership.

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