Australia Says More US Troops Incoming and Missile Project Cooperation

Australia announced Thursday that the United States would increase troop rotations through the island nation. 

Australia said that partners will collaborate on missile development, the latest coordinated actions amid shared fears about a growing China.

Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton announced on Thursday that Australia would “significantly enhance” cooperation, including collaboration on missile and explosive ordnance development.

He indicated that Australia would welcome the addition of additional US Marines to a decade-old rotation through the northern city of Darwin.

“I do have an aspiration to make sure that we can increase the numbers of troops through the rotations,” Dutton said. 

“The air capability will be enhanced, our maritime capability enhanced, and certainly the force posture enhanced,” he added.

Australia already established a trilateral alliance with the US and Britain in which Canberra will buy nuclear-powered submarines.

Meanwhile, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison earlier stated that the country would buy long-range Tomahawk cruise missiles.

Again, without providing specifics, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin acknowledged that the US “will extend our access and presence in Australia.”

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