Moderna Admits Vaccine Protection Wanes

Moderna Biotech new data revealed on Wednesday that the COVID-19 vaccine trial shows that the protection it offers wanes over time, supporting the need for booster doses.

“This is only one estimate, but we do believe this means as you look toward the fall and winter, at minimum, we expect the estimated impact of waning immunity would be 600,000 additional cases of COVID-19,” Moderna President Stephen Hoge said.

Hoge didn’t say how many of the severe cases, but he did say that some of them would necessitate hospitalization. 

“The increased risk of breakthrough infections in . . . participants who were vaccinated last year compared to more recently illustrates the impact of waning immunity and supports the need for a booster to maintain high levels of protection,” Stéphane Bancel, Moderna chief executive, said.

Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the vaccination booster doses for Pfizer and Moderna for persons with weakened immune systems.

Hoge emphasized that the third dose of the Moderna vaccine will reduce the COVID-19 cases.

“We also believe that the third dose of mRNA-1273 has a chance of significantly extending immunity throughout much of next year as we attempt to end the pandemic,” Hoge added.

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