Canada Arrests 850 Anti-Logging Protesters

Canadian authorities have arrested more than 850 anti-logging protesters since April 2021 which was recorded to be the country’s biggest act of defiance. reported that while most of the trees have already been logged, the protesters wanted to protect the ones that remain in the old-growth forest situated in Vancouver Island. They also shielded the endangered Marbled Murrelet chicks that live within the vicinity. 

The protesters resisted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in pursuit of preserving the hundred-year-old trees. They came up with various ways to outlast the loggings by locking their bodies to the road and chaining themselves to the trees.

A protester, Jean-François Savard said that the police were frustrated with their antics because people were determined to save the trees, prompting them to respond aggressively. The police reportedly prevented media coverage while the protests were ongoing. 

As of now, the protesters do not have any plans to back down, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police did not provide feedback when they were asked to comment. 

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