Brazil’s Senate and Supreme Court Nullifies Bolsonaro Ban on Social Media Post Removal

Brazil’s Senate and Supreme Court on Tuesday nullified President Jair Bolsonaro’s ban on social media networks from removing posts that may be disinformation about the coming presidential election. 

Italo Nogueira, president of the Brazilian Association of the Information Technology Companies (Assespro) said they welcomed the Senate decision. 

“We believe the decision of the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, was correct. We are open to debating whatever project that may continue this discussion,” Nogueira said.

Earlier Bolsonaro took to social media to spread claims that he would only lose the election if the vote was rigged, a claim that would have been protected under the emergency measure Bolsonaro issued last week, the Indian Express reported.

However, the Supreme court suspended the emergency measures, and the Senate rejected them. 

“It’s a very positive sign that the Brazilian political class reacted,” Mauricio Santoro said, a professor at the State University of Rio De Janeiro. 

“The Brazilian leadership is finally understanding how important the internet is to political life in Brazil,” Santoro added.

The rules under Bolsonaro’s provisional measures include getting a court order if social media companies want to take down potentially false or harmful posts or accounts. 

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