China Shows off Defense Diplomacy With Multinational Peacekeeping Drill

China displayed its combat prowess and emphasized its role in the United Nations (UN) peacekeeping operations with multinational drills that concluded on Wednesday.

The live exercises codenamed ‘Shared Destiny 2021,” which lasted for ten days in the central province of Henan, included more than 1,000 troops from China, Pakistan, Mongolia, and Thailand.

Chinese military peacekeeping expert Senior Colonel Lu Jianxin said Shared Destiny 2021 emphasized China’s position as a “staunch defender of world peace and international order,” Reuters reported.

The Chinese military showcased Chinese weapons, equipment, and facilities throughout the exercise.

The exercise coincided with the 50th anniversary of the UN’s recognition of the Peoples Republic as China’s representative to the United Nations, a move that unseated Taiwan.

The exercises happened at a time of prolonged tensions between China and India over their disputed border.

China reported sending around 2,500 peacekeepers assigned to eight separate missions.

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