Norway’s Left-Wing Opposition wins Election

Norway’s opposition party is poised to win a majority in parliament after the Monday elections and is now about to form the next government. 

BBC reported that Prime Minister Erna Solberg yielded to Labor Party leader Jonas Gahr Stoere, and will be stepping down after eight years of service. Stoere’s party had won 48 seats out of 169, while Solberg’s Conservatives secured 36 seats. A minimum of 85 seats guarantee a majority in parliament.

Stoere must convince Labor Party’s preferred allies, Center Party and Socialist Party, in order to agree on regulations in order to form a suitable Cabinet, but it might be a challenge due to the two party’s opposing views regarding oil and taxes. 

Solberg, during her term, got Norway through its COVID-19 response, but received retaliation over economic discrepancies, public sector reforms, and was fined by the authorities in April for violating social distancing policies at her birthday celebration. 

Stoere promised to confront inequality issues by reducing tax rates for low and middle-income families and increasing taxes for rich families. 

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